Henderson for Chugach Board


Chugach Electric Association
Board of Directors

Jim Henderson

Residence: Girdwood, Alaska.

Occupation: Retired, Principal, New American Financial Group, Financial and Valuation Analysis

Education: BA, Math, Physics, Political Science, Purdue University

Jim has broad expertise and experience in corporate financial planning as well as the energy industry:

  • Chugach Board of Directors for 8 years; served on each of the three Board of Directors committees.
  • Financial analysis expertise that has been acknowledged as bringing a significant strength to the Board of Directors.
  • Researched comparable wind generation projects from across the US for a reality check of the renewable generation projects before Chugach.
  • Researched and recommended executive compensation packages comparable to those in our industry.
  • Prime mover/supporter in the Community Solar project in Anchorage; engineered and built the electrical system for 4 off grid solar powered homes in Girdwood and Illiamina.
  • Recommended that Chugach join the World Bank’s Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition of the IMF to value the generation created by carbon waste in comparison to non-burning electrical generation as a methodology for determining a tangible value for the potential cost and benefit of the current Alaska generation methods.
  • Recommended a comparative analysis of the management practices and procedures of Chugach to all electrical untilities and the best practices of all industries
    for areas where we can make Chugach the best.
  • Recommended financial practices that will maximize the benefits from our capital assets.
  • Participated in 5 major mergers, 3 as an employee and 2 as analyst and planning for a joint airline personnel base exceeding 60,000+
  • Compiled merger & acquisition risk, challenges and recommendations studies
  • Provided valuation expertise for going concerns and bankrupt enterprises
  • Provided expert testimony in valuation litigation
  • Recommended changes to enhance and improve member communication, involvement and relations
  • Documented proven member services enhancements
  • Fiercely raised the interests of the members of Chugach over any parochial special interest that has come before the Board over the last 8 years.

Jim has been striving for 5 main tenets for Chugach in the creation of Energy:

  • Safety
  • Member Service
  • Social Responsibility
  • Team Spirit
  • Endeavour through Bold Initiatives and Innovative Spirit.

Jim Henderson has focus solely on the interests of the members of Chugach.