Vote Now!

Voting is open until May 21st. Listen to Mitchell talk about why your vote matters. Looking for Chugach Electric election notification and voter ID code? Check the spam folder in your email or look for a card in the mail. Voting information for the Chugach Electric Board of Directors election is available in the Election Pamphlet and on the Chugach Electric Annual Meeting website.

  • Candidates

Mitchell is the only candidate endorsed by the Alaska Climate Action Network (AK CAN!) and he has also been endorsed by The Alaska Center. To maximize the impact of your vote for green energy, please vote only for Mitchell.

  • Bylaws Amendments

Amendment #1 – Board Qualifications. This amendment clarifies the residency requirements for members to serve on the Board of Directors.
Mitchell recommends voting – Yes√

Amendment #2 – Director Compensation. This amendment raises the maximum number of days for which Directors can be paid for meetings and training from 70 to 90 and from 85 to 105 for the Board Chair. The current limit is far higher than any effective corporate board requires. The Board of Boeing Aircraft Corporation, with $115B in revenues, met 8 times last year. The CEA Board is on pace to exceed the current limit of 70 days of meetings for most Directors this year. At $300 per meeting, the pay limit would increase from $21,000 to $27,000. The Board Chair receives $350 per meeting, for an increase from $29,750 to $36,750. The already excessive number of meetings indicates a serious micromanagement problem with the Board. Raising the meeting limit will only exacerbate the situation.
Mitchell recommends voting – No

To access the ballot, go to and enter the voter control code you received by email or postcard. If you didn’t receive the email, check your spam folder.


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